King James Bible* by § 2.7.8

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25880 1: Strive not with a mighty man' lest thou fall into his hands.
2: Be not at variance with a rich man, lest he overweigh thee: for gold hath destroyed many, and perverted the hearts of kings.
3: Strive not with a man that is full of tongue, and heap not wood upon his fire.
4: Jest not with a rude man, lest thy ancestors be disgraced.
5: Reproach not a man that turneth from sin, but remember that we are all worthy of punishment.
25885 6: Dishonour not a man in his old age: for even some of us wax old.
7: Rejoice not over thy greatest enemy being dead, but remember that we die all.
8: Despise not the discourse of the wise, but acquaint thyself with their proverbs: for of them thou shalt learn instruction, and how to serve great men with ease.
9: Miss not the discourse of the elders: for they also learned of their fathers, and of them thou shalt learn understanding, and to give answer as need requireth.
10: Kindle not the coals of a sinner, lest thou be burnt with the flame of his fire.
25890 11: Rise not up in anger at the presence of an injurious person, lest he lie in wait to entrap thee in thy words
12: Lend not unto him that is mightier than thyself; for if thou lendest him, count it but lost.
13: Be not surety above thy power: for if thou be surety, take care to pay it.
14: Go not to law with a judge; for they will judge for him according to his honour.
15: Travel not by the way with a bold fellow, lest he become grievous unto thee: for he will do according to his own will, and thou shalt perish with him through his folly.
25895 16: Strive not with an angry man, and go not with him into a solitary place: for blood is as nothing in his sight, and where there is no help, he will overthrow thee.
17: Consult not with a fool; for he cannot keep counsel.
18: Do no secret thing before a stranger; for thou knowest not what he will bring forth.
19: Open not thine heart to every man, lest he requite thee with a shrewd turn.

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