King James Bible* by § 2.7.30

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1: He that loveth his son causeth him oft to feel the rod, that he may have joy of him in the end.
2: He that chastiseth his son shall have joy in him, and shall rejoice of him among his acquaintance.
3: He that teacheth his son grieveth the enemy: and before his friends he shall rejoice of him.
4: Though his father die, yet he is as though he were not dead: for he hath left one behind him that is like himself.
26490 5: While he lived, he saw and rejoiced in him: and when he died, he was not sorrowful.
6: He left behind him an avenger against his enemies, and one that shall requite kindness to his friends.
7: He that maketh too much of his son shall bind up his wounds; and his bowels will be troubled at every cry.
8: An horse not broken becometh headstrong: and a child left to himself will be wilful.
9: Cocker thy child, and he shall make thee afraid: play with him, and he will bring thee to heaviness.
26495 10: Laugh not with him, lest thou have sorrow with him, and lest thou gnash thy teeth in the end.
11: Give him no liberty in his youth, and wink not at his follies.
12: Bow down his neck while he is young, and beat him on the sides while he is a child, lest he wax stubborn, and be disobedient unto thee, and so bring sorrow to thine heart.
13: Chastise thy son, and hold him to labour, lest his lewd behaviour be an offence unto thee.
14: Better is the poor, being sound and strong of constitution, than a rich man that is afflicted in his body.
26500 15: Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth.
16: There is no riches above a sound body, and no joy above the joy of the heart.
17: Death is better than a bitter life or continual sickness.
18: Delicates poured upon a mouth shut up are as messes of meat set upon a grave.
19: What good doeth the offering unto an idol? for neither can it eat nor smell: so is he that is persecuted of the Lord.
26505 20: He seeth with his eyes and groaneth, as an eunuch that embraceth a virgin and sigheth.
21: Give not over thy mind to heaviness, and afflict not thyself in thine own counsel.
22: The gladness of the heart is the life of man, and the joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days.
23: Love thine own soul, and comfort thy heart, remove sorrow far from thee: for sorrow hath killed many, and there is no profit therein.
24: Envy and wrath shorten the life, and carefulness bringeth age before the time.
26510 25: A cheerful and good heart will have a care of his meat and diet.

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