Hamlet* - Annotations

The source and name of Polonius have received quite a bit of attention. To quote Wikipedia:

The literary origins of the character may be traced to the King's counselor found in the Belleforest and William Painter versions of the Hamlet legend. However, at least since the 19th century scholars have also sought to understand the character in terms of Elizabethan court politics.

Polonius was first proposed as a parody of Queen Elizabeth's leading counsellor, Lord Treasurer, and Principal Secretary Wi

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The name Laertes is quite clearly taken from the name of Odysseus's father, but the connection beyond name is quite obscure.

By "sometime" Claudius means formerly.

It seems quite clear that "does not divide the Sunday from the week" means the shipwrights are not taking their Sundays off. This would be, in religious times such as these, an affront to God.

In some versions of the play "Polack" reads "pole-ax," implying that Hamlet struck the ice with his weapon.1 In the context, this might seem to make more sense.

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