Edwin Ginn (1838-1914)

Edwin Ginn (February 14, 1838 – January 21, 1914) was an American publisher, peace advocate, and philanthropist.

Ginn was born in Orland, Maine on February 14, 1838, into a Universalist farming family who were descendants of early settlers of Maryland, Virginia, and Salem, Massachusetts. He attended Westbrook Seminary, a Universalist preparatory school; forgoing the ministry, he enrolled instead at Tufts University in 1858. He graduated from Tufts with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1862, receiving his Masters of Arts at the same time.

After graduation, Ginn had a successful career selling schoolbooks. In 1868 he founded Ginn & Co., which became a leading textbook American publisher. The company was later known as Ginn and Heath.

Ginn married twice, fathering six children. In his late 50s, Ginn turned his focus to philanthropy: the American peace movement was his primary concern.

Ginn died on January 21, 1914, at his home in Winchester, Massachusetts, after suffering from a paralytic stroke and pneumonia a month earlier.1 A library is named after him at Tufts's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

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